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Dave's Essay Collection

How To Embrace A Paradox Mindset

The right choice is often ‘both’.

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Performance Routines That Happen During Working Hours

Seven practices to help you stay energised and focused

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A Powerful Way to Uncover Contrarian Strategies

The opposite of a good idea is… also a good idea

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The Delegation Step Most Managers Miss Out

Great managers do this to set their team up for success.

In a previous essay on delegation, I suggested two principles that can help you delegate more effectively: (i) delegate problems, not tasks, and (ii) coach, don’t...

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How to Ask for Something Hard

This simple format can help you get what you really want.

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7 Questions to Get Value from Board Meetings

Your board members can help you—if you ask.

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This Technique Can Reveal Someone's True Colours

 Putting the gun in their hands can uncover their true colours.

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An Alternative To 360° Feedback (That Takes One Hour)

If your feedback cycles are too slow, try this.

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Are Founders Productive Narcissists?

How to pursue your inspiring vision without crossing the line.

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How to Design a Great Interview Process

Going with your gut instinct isn’t going to cut it.

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