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What It Takes to Be Truly Purpose Driven

A practical insight that can help you, and your team, find meaning in your daily work.

We all need a sense of purpose in our lives, but when we can’t find one, it can leave us lifeless and unmotivated. Our daily pursuit of...

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How to Motivate a Startup Team

Here's what actually works when it comes to getting the most out of your team.

Have you ever met someone who’s highly motivated at work? Try to picture them now.

You might have a mental image of someone upbeat, someone...

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How Founders Can Negotiate Their Salary

Insights on founder salaries suggest a different way of discussing compensation with the board

If you’re motivated by a high salary, think twice before founding a startup. Even if you manage to raise money from angel or seed...

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The Five Meetings Every CEO Should Lead

How the right meetings can set up your team for success—and help you step out of the day-to-day.

When your whole company works in the same room, news gets around fast. Impromptu meetings, discussions over lunch, and...

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The Easy Way to Write a Thought Article

Here’s how I turn a blank page into a powerful thought leadership piece.

I never thought my writing would make such a difference.

After starting on Medium just three years ago, my essays for entrepreneurs have reached...

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How to Develop Talent in Your Growth Startup

The opportunity for startups to grow their own leaders has never been greater.

When your company is scaling, it’s critical to develop your leaders. More staff means more information, more communication, and more people...

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How to Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Team

One of the hardest challenges to overcome as a leader is something many people don’t even consider: yourself. Often, it’s not resources, desire or incentives that hold us back. It’s something deeper.

As a coach,...

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10 Communication Techniques Used by Great Leaders


Whether you’re leading a meeting, a team, or a company, your ability to communicate can set you apart as a leader. The skill of bringing others along with you, managing difficult situations, and expressing yourself...

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How to Get Investors to Actually Read Your Updates

I receive a lot of monthly update emails from CEOs I’ve invested in. It takes real discipline to update stakeholders regularly and I admire those founders who keep it up.

While I do open all the updates I receive, I must...

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A Founder's Guide to Sales Meetings

My very first significant sale came over a decade ago, when I sold equity to investors in my first company. Armed with a pitch deck, I reached out to dozens of potential investors to present my startup. They’d listen to my...

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