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Frequently Asked Questions

I¬†receive a lot of requests for advice and feedback on specific business questions which unfortunately, I can't answer‚ÄĒit¬†doesn't¬†scale well. That's why I prepared the¬†FAQs below.


How can I work with you?

There are two ways I work with CEOs of venture-backed tech companies. The first is through my cohort-based programs, such as Clarity. Most first-time founders write these off... but as you'll see from the testimonials, they really work.

The other way I work with founder is via one-on-one coaching. As my time is limited, I can only work with a few clients at any point in time. Increasingly, this is with CEOs of Series B companies.


How can I get on your podcast?

If you build an inspiring product and team, raise a Series A in London, and earn a reputation for being a great leader, a member of my team will likely reach out to you imminently. To listen to CEOs that fit that description, check out the latest episodes.


Can you speak at my event?

I do engage in public talks and CEO workshops, often for large VCs across the US and Europe. For a quote, please, let me know the brief in the form below, or check out my recent events.


Can you provide free advice on my startup?

Absolutely! I've spend thousands of hours writing out my knowledge on my blog, The Founder Coach. There are hundreds of detailed, long-form articles from early-stage to scale-up stage. Due to a lack of hours in the day, I'm not able to provide specific advice on your company.

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