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Dave is on a mission to support the world’s top venture-backed CEOs, helping them to build emotionally-healthy, high-growth businesses.


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Dave’s Bio

Dave Bailey is one of London’s top CEO Coaches. He works one-on-one with leading Series A+ CEOs all over the world, and has co-founded three VC-backed businesses: Ezlearn (acquired), Delivery Hero (IPO) and Spotnight (RIP).

Dave is Lead Mentor at Google’s accelerator program, and a former Venture Partner at Downing Ventures, a London-based seed fund. He’s also an angel investor, so he’s seen the difficulties CEOs can face from both sides.

Dave studied Mathematical Sciences at Oxford University, before going on to Stanford Graduate School of Business and Singularity University.

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CEO Testimonials

Alister Rollins


“Dave's insightful coaching and powerful questioning helps me achieve clarity of focus—an essential requirement in the startup world. Highly recommended!”

Rebecca Kelly

CEO, VenueScanner

“Dave's expertise has helped me think through how I communicate with my team, my investors, and other stakeholders to really get my message across effectively."

Alexander Omeyer

CEO, Stepsize

“As a founder, it's hard to show up for yourself. Dave has helped me in many ways, even  beyond the business—including looking after my emotional health.”

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