Clarity Program Spring/Summer 2021 — Pre-application here

How to Design a Great Interview Process

Going with your gut instinct isn’t going to cut it.

Part 1: Role Design

1) List the tasks and skills required

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A screenshot of my task analysis for an operations associate role.

2) Write the ‘internal’ job description

3) Write the ‘external’ job description

A quick note on sourcing candidates

Part 2: Structured Interview Design

That’s why you hire the candidate with a sufficiently high aggregate score, not the one you like best.

1: Application Questions

2: Phone Screen (20 minutes)

3: Pre-employment Assessments

4: Practical Assignment

5: Competency Interview (1 hour)

I’m going to run a behavioural interview where I ask you to recall situations from your past, and I’d like you to respond in such a way that each answer resembles a story with a beginning, middle and end. I’ll be looking for context, actions and results — and a reflection at the end. Keep that in mind, and if you get off-track, I’ll help and nudge you back into the format, ok?’

6: Final round (1 hour)

Making a final decision

Looking after the candidate experience

A final word on the recruiting mindset

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