Special Edition: Why Vulnerability is a CEO Super-Power | 10th Episode Celebration

Season #1 Episode #10

In this special edition to mark the 10th episode of the Founder Coach Podcast, I unpack the most powerful moments on the show this far—moments that demonstrate and celebrate the power of vulnerable leadership.

As well as sharing practical takeaways on topics like building a culture of resilience and challenge, managing stress, and stepping out of the details, I'll leave with you with some powerful questions that help you integrate these ideas in your role as a leader. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Key Timestamps:

[01:21] Chris Edson, CEO Second Nature, on stepping out of the details

[05:11] Paul Ford, CEO Acin, on building resilience

[09:28] Jacob Waern, CEO EduMe, on showing vulnerability as a leader

[13:00] Jack Tang, CEO Urban, on routines for stress management

[16:01] Anastasia Leng, CEO CreativeX, on encouraging challenge from your team

[21:01] Ben Stephenson, CEO Impala, on having tough conversations with leaders

[25:27] Rebecca Kelly, CEO VenueScanner, on hiring a Chief of Staff

[29:30] Will Read, CEO Sideways 6, on the importance of self-compassion

A big thank you to all the CEOs that have taken part and supported our mission—to share unvarnished stories about the emotional realities of leading high-growth tech startups. You're not alone.

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