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Founder Coaching®️ is not life coaching

Coach training tends to focus on helping clients lead a fulfilling life. That’s well and good… but many founders approach coaches with a different goal: to scale themselves and their companies. The two goals are related but different.

Over the last decade, I’ve coached over 100 founder CEOs—many of whom have become extremely successful. Along the way, I created new coaching frameworks and methodologies to help founders achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions. I call it Founder Coaching®️.

Who is eligible to apply?

The typical profile of a Founder Coach®️ is someone who:

  • Has scaled and exited a tech company as either a founder or CEO;
  • Has a natural aptitude for curiosity, empathy and positivity;
  • Is humble and generous, despite their success.
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Dave is a world-renowned CEO coach who has mentored hundreds of venture-backed CEOs across the US, Europe and Latin America. Dave is CEO of Founder Coach, the global CEO coaching network.

Previously, Dave co-founded and scaled multiple venture-backed tech businesses, including Delivery Hero (IPO in 2017). Dave is based in London, UK.

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