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Fuelled by frameworks. Delivered with curiosity.


I’ll be honest… I was suspicious about group coaching. Not anymore.

When you join my program, you’ll get access to me, and an army of other CEOs who can support you whatever challenge you’re facing.

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How it works

1. Learn how to coach

Practice performance coaching techniques that help you empower your team—and support your CEO peers.

2. Discuss new topics monthly

Unpack mission-critical challenges with other CEOs and take proactive actions to stay one step ahead.

3. Coach and be coached

Join a monthly mastermind with me and other CEOs at your stage to work through your toughest challenges.

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Program structure

My program is structured around 12 elements that drive CEO mastery. They include:


Set the strategy

Craft a competitive strategy so your team knows where to play and how to win.


Lead your board

Transform your board meetings to get more value from all board members.


Close big deals

Elevate your efforts to attract the right investment and big money deals.


Tell compelling stories

Design captivating narratives that ensure your ideas resonate with all.


Design relationships

Refresh key relationships, ensuring every relationship is consciously nurtured.


Drive accountability

Examine team performance with a committed approach to excellence.


Shape your culture

Carve out a distinctive company identity, orchestrating collective behavioural shifts.


Coach for performance

Learn our coaching playbook, charging up your team's potential.


Master your role

Fine-tune your CEO agenda, bolstering confidence in every decision.


Optimise your time

Strategically craft your week, ensuring priority tasks get your attention.


Harness your strengths

Discover your unique founder edge and reignite excitement in your venture.


Sharpen your mindset

Embrace a winning mindset and feel stronger in tough situations.

Time investment

As with any coaching program, you get out of it what you put in. Expect to commit 1-1.5 hours every other week.

Founders need flexibility. If you need more (or less) support, the program can flex to meet your needs.

5-Star Client Testimonials

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Anastasia Leng

CEO, CreativeX

Raised $30M from Guggenheim, Beringea and Index Ventures


“The greatest takeaways were Dave's frameworks and the ways of thinking about problems. The repeatable learnings that can change and transform how I operate as a CEO.”

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Andrei Danescu

CEO, Dexory

Raised $38M from Atomico, Lakestar, Kindred, Maersk and others


“Dave didn't make it a one-size-fits-all program. It was highly curated, and customised the stage of the companies, so you can address the specific problems you're facing at your stage. That's one of the big selling points. ”

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Who is this program for?


If you’re a venture-backed founder CEO in the growth-stage i.e. 15-150 FTEs, and looking to increase your clarity, results and freedom, this is for you.

It’s a structured coaching program that lasts at least a year. Don’t worry, you get to try it out so we can both assess if it’s a great fit.

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Our call’s agenda:

  1. Review your current situation
  2. Identify opportunities for the next quarter
  3. Develop a high-level CEO development plan