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CEO coaching to accelerate your journey from founder to CEO

Executive coaching to take you and your company to the next level.

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CEO coaching to accelerate your journey from founder to CEO

Executive coaching to take you and your company to the next level.

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A startup performs only as well as its CEO.


That’s why venture-backed scale-up founders choose Dave Bailey as their CEO coach. He helps them by asking the right questions, uncovering new perspectives and holding them accountable for fast and decisive action.

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Dave coaches CEOs backed by world-class investors

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Reflect on what’s really going on

We know it’s lonely at the top. That’s why every CEO needs a safe place to examine their doubts, reconnect with their purpose and talk through problems in confidence.


Learn with someone who's been there

Dave Bailey has over 10 years of experience in the trenches. Acquire new perspectives and new skills to help you stay in control as your business scales up.


Learn with someone who's been there

Dave Bailey has over 10 years of experience as a venture-backed founder. Acquire new perspectives and skills to stay in control as your business scales up.

Make better decisions faster

Great decisions come from a clear mind. Work on the tough questions, choose clarity over certainty, and be held accountable for getting stuff done.

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Core Beliefs

  1. Questions are more powerful than answers
  2. Clarity comes from perspective
  3. Experience is the best teacher
  4. Accountability drives results
  5. Great leaders embrace vulnerability

Dave's Credentials

  • Co-founded three venture-backed companies
  • Raised millions in angel and venture capital
  • Hired and managed hundreds of employees
  • Over 10 years of operating experience in the trenches
  • Invested in 50+ startups as an angel investor and LP
  • Experience as a Developer, Product Manager & Marketer
  • Mentored hundreds of startups at TechStars and Google
  • Writes for several high-profile tech publications
  • Certified Agile Scrum Master / Product Owner
  • Graduate of Oxford University and Stanford Business School

Who is right for CEO coaching?

CEO coaching is for ambitious high-performing entrepreneurs who:

Have raised over £5M+ in funding

Have a product in market

Are scaling their team

Want to develop a growth mindset

Want to be coached

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5-Star CEO Coaching Testimonials

Eugene Mizin CEO, Job Today

Eugene Mizin

CEO, Job Today

Raised $40M from Accel, Felix Capital


Dave brings out the best in founders. He helps them translate their insights into clear strategy and decisive 'no-turning-back' action. Dave taps into the cutting edge research in business and human psychology to help founders understand themselves better and move forward with greater confidence.

Ben Stephenson CEO, Impala

Ben Stephenson

CEO, Impala

Raised $32M from Lakestar, Latitude, Stride


Dave is a truly tremendous coach who really helped me through the numerous ups and downs that come with being a Founder who wants to scale. I highly recommend him for his breadth of knowledge and experience and his ability to dig into even the most unfamiliar problems.

Rebecca Kelly CEO, VenueScanner

Rebecca Kelly

CEO, VenueScanner

Raised $3.5M from British Business Bank, Rianta


Dave’s expertise has helped me think through how I communicate with my team, my investors, and other stakeholders in order to really get my message across effectively.

Diego Fanara CEO, Unibuddy

Diego Fanara

CEO, Unibuddy

Raised $32M from Highland Europe, Stride VC


Dave has been instrumental in my ongoing evolution from a founder to a CEO, elevating my thought process to becoming a much more conscious leader.
The coaching sessions are the perfect monthly think time for stepping back on the past and present while trying to anticipate the future. Dave is a fantastic facilitator and listener to get your brain thinking in the right guide rails with the framework for me to continue using them outside of our sessions.

Mikela Druckman CEO, Grey Parrot

Mikela Druckman

CEO, Greyparrot

Raised $16M from Speed Invest, Force Over Mass


Working with David has allowed me to grow into my CEO role as we doubled our team size following our seed round. Our sessions have helped me take a step back from the day to day rush of startup life and solve important challenges. I would recommend working with Dave to any CEO who is ready and wants to challenge themselves to evolve as leaders and fast track their own personal growth.

Chris Edson CEO, Second Nature

Chris Edson

CEO, Second Nature

Raised $13M from Beringea, Connect Ventures


Working with someone who is both so knowledgeable on being a CEO and also so empathetic to the strife of building companies is completely game changing for me. My two hours with Dave are the most valuable part of my week. I come out of our sessions invariably energised, with a fresh understanding and clarity on the problems that I brought to the session. I cannot recommend Dave enough.

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