Great communication starts with Clarity

Clarity is a one-of-a-kind program that helps VC-backed founders create clear and engaging messaging for customers, investors and employees.

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“Clarity is the ability to express exactly what you mean. If you can't find the words to describe your business, you don't have a communications problem—you have a clarity problem.”
Dave Bailey

Next intake: Winter 2020 (limited spaces)

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Clarity is your competitive advantage

Whether you’re fundraising, growing and aligning your team, or taking your product to market, you're selling a story . . . your story. It's so important that Ben Horowitz, partner at Andreessen Horowitz says, 'The company story is the company strategy.'

So, what stops us from describing our companies clearly and concisely? Often, we have so much information about them in our heads we don’t know where to start—or when to stop. It’s not just the curse of knowledge, it’s the curse of unstructured knowledge.

The truth is, we can't communicate clearly if we don’t have clarity ourselves. That’s what this program gives you—a sense of clarity that allows you to express what you do with confidence and precision.

If you want your story to be as compelling as Google's or Apple's, this program is designed to help you create compelling narratives that capture your audiences’ imaginations.

Meet your coach

Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey is one of the world’s leading CEO coaches, working exclusively with high-growth tech CEOs across the US and Europe. He’s been there and done it himself, co-founding several VC-backed ventures, including Delivery Hero (IPO in 2017) and Ezlearn (acquired in 2013). He’s also invested in dozens of startups both as a VC and angel investor, and mentored hundreds of founders over the last 10 years.

Dave works with CEOs backed by world-class investors.

We work on your narrative, not fluffy theory

You already have all the information you need—it just needs some reorganising. The Clarity process focuses on your customer needs, vision, and strategy before starting on your product messaging.


Module 1

Customer Needs

We'll work on framing your customer needs in a way anyone can understand.

Module 2

Inspiring Vision

We'll work on crafting an inspiring vision to create urgency around your company.

Module 3

Competitive Strategy

We'll work on articulating a winning strategy that fuels your pitch and your plan.

Module 4

Compelling Messages

We'll work on defining your brand beliefs and help you create compelling sales campaigns.

Module 5

Engaging Storytelling

We'll work on delivering live communications in a way that captures your audience's attention.

Module 6

Strategic Delivery

We'll work on choosing the right message for the right situation—to get the best results.

What the experience includes

Clarity uses Accelerated Group Coaching™ to maximise your ability to think clearly.

1. Expert guidance from Dave

Exclusive group sessions with other founders to challenge you and deepen your insight.

2. Direct feedback on your text

Apply your insights directly into your texts and receive detailed feedback from Dave.

3. Iterate and improve

Practice your communications on other participants and receive live feedback.

4. Option to invite your team

Align with your team by inviting them to sessions and collaborating with them on your texts.

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What you'll come out with

Great communicators adapt to their audience. That’s why Clarity is designed around three key stakeholders: potential investors, your team, and your customers.

By the end of the program, you'll have:

  • A clear understanding of your customer needs
  • A clear vision to help you win over new investors
  • A clear business strategy to help you align your team
  • A clear set of brand values to help you connect with customers
  • A clear sales campaign to help you attract prospects
  • A clear messaging matrix for different stakeholders


Richard Vibert

CEO, Metomic ($5M raised)
“I've never thought about communications like this. It's incredibly helpful, and it’s changed the way I think about my own company.”

Time commitment

Clarity is structured into six modules over three weeks. Each module consists of a small group session where we start working on your narrative text.

You'll continue working on the text after the session and once it's ready, Dave will provide careful and specific feedback. To get the most out of the experience, you should spend at least 2–4 hours per week on your texts, either individually or with your team.

After all six modules are completed, you'll have a one-on-one session with Dave to go through any remaining points and next steps. 


Who should apply

Clarity was designed to meet the needs of a growing startup, whether at the seed or growth stage. You should apply if:

  • You’re a founder planning to raise money from investors
  • You’re a growing leadership team that wants to align around your strategy
  • You’re a senior leader looking to improve your communications and strategy skills
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to give your venture the best chance of success
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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll clarify your customer needs, competitive strategy, vision, brand values, high-level pitch, and campaign concepts. All other communications can based on these fundamental topics.

No, Clarity is a program designed to clarify your messages to key stakeholders. We'll work on your text together and I take a coaching approach, to help you find clarity. Of course, I'll train you in the principles of great communications as well.

Clarity is often used by founders of tech companies who want to improve their communications with potential investors (while fundraising), their team (which clarifying their strategy) and customers (while marketing). However, Clarity can help any team clarify their narrative and adapt it to different stakeholders.

You'll spend six hours with Dave as part of a small group and a one-hour session with Dave one-on-one. In addition, Dave will spend a further two hours analysing your texts.

No, I’m a CEO coach who has helped hundreds of founders clarify their strategy—and their story. Unlike an agency (which most startups can’t afford), I won't write the text for you—rather, I'll coach you as you do it yourself.

Yes! One of the best things about Clarity is that you can invite your entire team. Clarify sets up the ‘rules of the game’ while allowing you and your leaders to clarify the finer points together.

Of course—if you're able to clearly articulate your vision and strategy, and define your brand . . . and if you can find a copywriter who thoroughly understands your customers, competitors, and product. However, taking Clarity is the ideal first step.

Clarity is designed to help you create great communications yourself, rather than write them for you. This means our approach is far more cost effective than, say, a traditional marketing agency. Please apply for more info.

Here are some quotes from previous participants: 

“I find your way of giving feedback very helpful because you make examples to clarify your critique, and that's something few people do.”

“I have never thought about communications like that—it’s totally changed the way I think about my company.”

“Loving this. Absolutely loving it!”

In short, yes. Great communications start with critical insights into your market and customer. Once you’ve uncovered those, you can adapt the message to different stakeholders.

While you don't need to be a native English speaker, you’ll need a strong command of the English language to get the most out of this program. If you struggle to communicate in English, sadly this approach isn’t for you.

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