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Elevate™️ is a coaching program to help CEOs improve team dynamics and get results from their leaders.

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Go beyond individual contribution

Scaling a tech company means delegating responsibility to capable leaders, and holding them accountable for their work. This is easy in theory, difficult in practice.

Elevate is a deeply reflective coaching program that helps scale-up founders step out of the day-to-day and drive results from their team. You'll work through real performance issues, reflect using cutting-edge frameworks, and build new habits based on your insights.

This program can have a transformational impact on you, and consequently, your team and your business. Just show up, and we'll work through it together.


How the experience works

Elevate uses performance coaching frameworks and a high-quality peer group to drive deep professional insights and support your growth as a leader. Here's exactly how it works:

1.  Identify your leadership gaps

We coach real issues, not made-up scenarios. We ask you to bring live performance challenges you're currently facing to work through in each session.

2. Reflect on cutting-edge frameworks

Practice is the best way to learn. Our  coaching frameworks provide you with a helpful starting point to reframe challenges and uncover new opportunities.

3. Uncover nuance with peer discussion

When there aren't easy answers, talking it through really helps. We'll guide you through powerful exercises and discussions with a cohort of other scale-up founders.

4. Take action and build new habits

Professional insights are useless if you don't act on them. We'll challenge you to try new approaches to develop as a leader, and support you in following through.

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Program structure

The Elevate Program consists of six structured group coaching sessions over three months which build awareness around the most common challenges of managing other leaders.

Session 1

High-leverage Leadership

Examine the levers of scalable leadership and clarify where you want to spend your time.

Session 2

Empowered Delegation

Delegate responsibilities and decisions by clarifying expectations on both sides.

Session 3

Clear Accountability

Confront what holds you back from driving more accountability in your team.

Session 4

Effective Communication

Hold more powerful conversations and connect with your team on a deeper level.

Module 5

Developing Leaders

Learn how to integrate coaching techniques into your management style to empower new leaders.

Session 6

Hard Decisions

Clarify what good performance looks like and when hard people decisions are necessary.


All sessions run from 3pm–5pm UK time (7am PT, 10am ET, 4pm CET).

Additionally, Dave runs two office hours sessions to discuss leadership challenges, and allow you to further connect with your peers. One-on-one sessions with Dave are available for participants during the program, additional fees apply.

Leave with positive change


If you want results, actions matter. Your output will be the specific changes you embed into your approach that help you drive more accountability where you need it most. You'll get clarity on:

  • How to adopt a winning mindset
  • What you need to delegate next
  • How to hold others accountable
  • How to hold powerful conversations
  • How and when to coach your team
  • When to make hard decisions

This program isn't about theory, it's about practice. Our goal is to give you the inspiration, guidance and support to take bold action that lead to lasting positive change.

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Should I make time for Elevate?


The hardest game is your inner game—your mindset is one of your greatest levers as a leader, and something worth investing time on.

This program consists of 6 x 2-hour sessions over three months. You'll have prep work for each session (10 minutes) and challenges following each session to put your insights into action.

About your coach

Dave is an experienced founder coach who designed the Elevate to proactively address the most common mindset and people challenges scale-up founders face.

Previously, Dave co-founded Delivery Hero and other scale-ups, and he's coached hundreds of scale-up CEOs across the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Latin America.

Dave studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Oxford University. His writing has been featured in many of the world's top business publications.

Dave Bailey delivering a CEO workshop

5-Star Client Testimonials

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Rajeeb Dey MBE

CEO, Learnerbly

Raised $2M+ from Frontline Ventures, Playfair Capital


“A great way to cover the fundamentals of effective leadership. The topics and frameworks covered were extremely relevant to my own challenges, and I really enjoyed interacting with the other founders.”

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Zack Onisko

CEO, Dribbble

Raised from Tiny


“The best professional training dollars that I've spent in years. The syllabus was well-designed and I will be putting my learning into practice for years to come.”

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Who is Elevate Program for


The program was designed for scale-up CEOs and co-founders who want to take their leadership to the next level. The primary use cases of the program are: 

  • Step out of the details by delegating effectively and driving accountability in the team,
  • Develop and grow as a leader by learning new practical skills and cutting-edge frameworks,
  • Shift to a scale mindset by identifying limiting beliefs and challenging yourself to go further.

If you don't yet have a leadership team, Elevate isn't appropriate. But if your company has 10–300 people with ambitions to scale, we’d be a good fit.

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