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The Playbook is a coach training course for founders and CEOs who want to get unparalleled performance from their leadership team.

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Execution is everything.

Your team's performance will make or break your company. It's no wonder why performance issues are the most common coaching topic founders to coaching sessions. The truth is giving feedback is not enough.

I’ve developed a playbook to help leaders perform... I just wish I had it when I was scaling my tech companies! During this program, I’ll share my playbook with you. It will transform the way you lead your team forever.

What CEOs say

Joshua Martin, CEO of Fortify


“Incredibly inspiring and I learnt a lot.

Nicolas Tissier, CEO of Purchasely

Investors: Stride VC, Kima Ventures

Tim Heyl, CEO of Homeward


“It was so powerful—totally brilliant.”

Tess Cosad, CEO of Béa Fertility

Investors: Innovate UK, Calm/Storm Ventures, QVentures

Hana Mohan, CEO of MagicBell


“Super insightful, actionable and useful.”

Ed Farrar, CEO of Oto

Investors: Octopus Ventures, Y Combinator

How The Playbook can help you

Improve relationships

Redesign the way you lead your reports and stakeholders

Delegate ownership

Help your reports see the bigger picture

See your team grow

Take satisfaction in creating new leaders at your company

Free up your time

Stay out of the details and refocus on what’s important

Master a new skill

Enjoy learning the ultimate leadership style

Join a movement

Connect with other founders who know how to coach

Coaching and leadership, integrated

Coach training is typically aimed at professional coaches, and side-step the nuanced questions that founders and operators have... questions like these:

  • How do I give my input into their work?
  • How can I balance being directive with being non-directive?
  • What if coaching doesn’t increase their performance?
  • How do I transition into a coaching conversation?

My Playbook fully integrates with a founder’s role. The 50+ CEOs I’ve taught it to swear by it.

Frequently asked questions

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Our call’s agenda:

  1. Review your current situation
  2. Identify opportunities for the next quarter
  3. Develop a high-level CEO development plan

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