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I run workshops at founder events and retreats for VCs who want to give their portfolio the best chance of success.

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Powerful workshops for powerful leaders

Over the last six years, I've created dozens of workshops to teach new skills, guide profound reflection and uncover new possibilities.

What VCs say

Tim Heyl, CEO of Homeward


“Dave gave a great workshop to 30 of our portfolio CEOs in Berlin. His mix of materials, frameworks and personal stories led to amazing discussions which he perfectly moderated and summarised in clear takeaways.”

Andre Retterath, Partner

Earlybird Venture Capital

Hana Mohan, CEO of MagicBell


“The experience felt full of kindness, curiosity and fun, and it’s given me a structure to think about communication, and strategy. If you’re looking for an actionable framework to the most important things a CEO must think about, this is it.”

Rory Stirling, General Partner

Connect Ventures

Retreat Tips

Effective CEO retreats tend to follow a similar format: 20-30 CEOs in a private venue, with coaches, activities and discussions.

Natural location

Nature helps people disconnect and take different perspectives

Spacious agenda

Free time and breaks help people process their insights

Intimate activities

Deep conversation often happens on long walks and after dinner

Engaging workshops

Less lecture-based presentation, more reflection and sharing

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