Make your strategy so clear, it’s inevitable

Clarity™οΈ is a guided coaching program to help you find the right words to express what you do and how you’ll win to different stakeholders.

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Clarity diagram showing a squiggly line turning into a light bulb.
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SoftBank, Accel, Index Mobile

Clarity is the ability to express exactly what you mean. If you can't find the right words, you don't have a communications problem—you have a clarity problem.

If you don't clarify your strategy, who else will?

Your team relies on a clear business strategy to contextualise their work. Investors and recruits rely on your inspiring vision to decide whether to join you. And customers want to understand how you can help them.

Clarifying and communicating your vision and strategy takes time to get right—often time founders struggle to find. However, if it's not 100% clear to you, it's 100% unclear to everyone else.

Clarity™οΈ is designed around a comprehensive set of frameworks that help you craft a compelling strategic narrative that you can communicate with confidence and precision. I’ve compressed a complex exercise into a few weeks of video guides, exercises and coaching sessions.

Just show up, and we'll work through it together.

How Clarity™οΈ can help you

We'll work through powerful exercises and frameworks:

  • Clarify your core strategic narratives: You'll get precise and concise about your customer need, vision and strategy so we can build powerful communications.
  • Learn persuasive communications: We'll figure out how to communicate your company with impact: storytelling, messaging, and top-down communication.
  • Get peer reviewed by scale-up CEOs: Do smart people understand? You'll connect with peers who can help you strengthen your output.
  • Leave with a concrete outputs: Wording matters—clarity can come down to a single sentence. You'll collaborate on a doc with your leadership team.
Model of the The Clarity System covering strategy, vision and customer need

We work on your narrative, not fluffy theory

First, clarify the fundamentals: your customer, vision and strategy... Then, craft powerful messages and stories.

Session 1

Customer Needs

Form a compelling narrative around your customer needs that resonates with them—and with others.

Session 2

Inspiring Vision

Communicate an inspiring vision narrative that builds urgency around your business and industry.

Session 3

Competitive Strategy

Design a defensible strategic narrative that explains how you create value and how you'll sustain it.

Session 4

Engaging Storytelling

Deliver insightful stories that capture the essence of your business, and hold your audience's attention.

Session 5

Compelling Messaging

Craft careful and insightful messages about your value proposition and brand that land with your audience.

Session 6

Strategic Delivery

Work out how to use these narratives to align a scaling team and persuade investors and customers.

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Do you have enough time to do this?

Time is your most precise resource, so I've designed to be as efficient and robust as possible. It consists of:

  • 3 hours of online videos
  • 2-5 hours of self-guided exercises in which you’ll involve your leadership team
  • 4 x 1-hour coaching sessions with me

To put this into perspective, this represents a little over 1% of your year, while the output of this time has the ability to multiply the efforts of your team.

Stopwatch ticking down

Who is Clarity™οΈ for?

This program is a good fit for CEOs and co-founders who run companies of 10–300 FTEs and want to:

  • Align a growing team around a strategy and vision that provides direction while preserving their functional ownership;
  • Form a compelling narrative ahead of a fundraising process, often Series A–C;
  • Increase sales and sign-ups by clarifying the company's positioning and messaging for customers.

Note: If you don't yet have a leadership team, the Clarity™οΈ Program isn't appropriate.

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What CEOs say about Clarity™οΈ

Tim Heyl, CEO of Homeward


“Clarity has made a huge impact on me and my business. It’s helped me think critically about vision and strategy, and has already led to new opportunities with the biggest players in our industry.”

Tim Heyl, CEO of Homeward

Investors: Raised $500M from Northwest Venture Partners and others

Alexandre Remor, CEO of Medway


“Clarity helped my cofounders and I stretch our thinking and align on a clear and powerful strategy. I was excited before each and every session, and the outcomes have been transformational for Medway. I’d do it again!”

Alexandre Remor, CEO of Medway

Investors: Raised $15M from Softbank and others

Hana Mohan, CEO of MagicBell


“The experience felt full of kindness, curiosity and fun, and it’s given me a structure to think about communication, and strategy. If you’re looking for an actionable framework to the most important things a CEO must think about, this is it.”

Hana Mohan, CEO of MagicBell

Investors: Raised $4.4M from Cherry Ventures, Connect Ventures and others

Joshua Martin, CEO of Fortify


“As a CEO, the Clarity Program is a great way to take a step back and work on the essentials of how to create and share an inspiring story about your company.

Joshua Martin, CEO of Fortify

Investors: Raised $33.8M from Accel, Cota Capital

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