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Great Communication Starts with Clarity

Clarity is an accelerated coaching program to help scale-up CEOs put their vision, strategy and value proposition into words that investors, customers and team members can buy into.

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“Clarity is the ability to express exactly what you mean. If you can't find the right words, you don't have a communications problem—you have a clarity problem.”

Dave Bailey 

Clarity is your competitive advantage

Whether you’re fundraising, growing and aligning your team, or taking your product to market, you're selling a story . . . your story. It's so important that Ben Horowitz, partner at Andreessen Horowitz says, 'The company story is the company strategy.'

So, what stops us from describing our companies clearly and concisely? Often, we have so much information about them in our heads we don’t know where to start—or when to stop. It’s not just the curse of knowledge, it’s the curse of unstructured knowledge.

The truth is, we can't communicate clearly if we don’t have clarity ourselves. That’s what this program gives you—a sense of clarity that allows you to express what you do with confidence and precision.

If you want your story to be as compelling as Tesla's or AirBnB's, this program is designed to help you create compelling narratives that capture your audiences’ imaginations.

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Our next cohort kicks-off in January 2022. 

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About your coach

Dave Bailey is one of the world’s leading CEO coaches, working exclusively with high-growth tech CEOs across the US and Europe. He’s been there and done it himself, co-founding several VC-backed ventures, including Delivery Hero (IPO in 2017) and Ezlearn (acquired in 2013). He’s also invested in dozens of startups both as a VC and angel investor, and mentored hundreds of founders over the last 10 years.

Dave Bailey delivering a CEO workshop

We work on your narrative, not fluffy theory

You already have all the information you need—it just needs some reorganising. The Clarity process focuses on your customer needs, vision, and strategy before starting on your product messaging.

Module 1

Customer Needs

We'll work on framing your customer needs in a way anyone can understand.

Module 2

Inspiring Vision

We'll work on crafting an inspiring vision to create urgency around your company.

Module 3

Competitive Strategy

We'll work on articulating a winning strategy that fuels your pitch and your plan.

Module 4

Engaging Storytelling

We'll work on delivering stories in a way that captures your audience's attention.

Module 5

Compelling Messages

We'll work on creating insightful campaigns that position your value proposition and brand.

Module 6

Strategic Delivery

We'll work on choosing the right message for the right situation—to get the best results.

What the experience includes

Clarity uses Accelerated Group Coaching™ to maximise your ability to think clearly.

1. Expert guidance from Dave

Exclusive group sessions with other founders to challenge you and deepen your insight.

2. Direct feedback on your text

Apply your insights directly into your texts and receive detailed feedback.

3. Iterate and improve

Exercises that allow you to practice your communications and receive feedback.

4. Involve your leadership team

Align with your team by collaborating with them on your texts.

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What you'll come out with

Great communicators adapt to their audience. That’s why Clarity is designed around three key stakeholders: potential investors, your team, and your customers.

By the end of the program, you'll have:

  • A clear understanding of your customer needs
  • A clear vision to help you win over new investors
  • A clear business strategy to help you align your team
  • A clear set of brand values to help you connect with customers
  • A clear messaging campaign to help you attract prospects
  • A clear messaging matrix for different stakeholders

5-Star Client Testimonials

Joshua Martin CEO, Fortify

Joshua Martin

CEO, Fortify

Raised $32M from Accel, Cota Capital


The Clarity Program provided several frameworks which I am using as prompts for deeper thinking, along with different tools for arriving at clarity with my team. As a CEO, the Clarity Program is a great way to take a step back and work on the essentials of how to create and share an inspiring story about your company.

Aharon Horwitz CEO, AutoLeadStar

Aharon Horwitz

CEO, AutoLeadStar

Raised $17M from Olive Tree, Target Global


Dave's Clarity program relentlessly delivers on its promise session after session. I left with pragmatic tools and concepts that were immediately impactful on our company. I recommend this to every CEO with aspirations of growing as a leader.

Ravi Kurani CEO, Sutro

Ravi Kurani

CEO, Sutro



I 100% recommend any founder to apply to this program. Dave has a ton of frameworks, and his case studies are amazing to work through. The program really changed my outlook on the mission and vision of my company and more importantly how to present our objectives and work to the team.

Igor Wos CEO, Neat

Igor Wos

CEO, Neat

Raised $20M from Pacific Century Group, Vectr


Dave has put together an incredibly applicable program with structured sessions, backed up by practical examples. Clarity helped me to clarify our mission, vision and strategy enormously, as well as improving overall focus. The group format also allowed me to share ideas and experiences with fellow founders in a friendly and collaborative way. I recommend Dave’s Clarity program to anyone seeking a pragmatic and logical way to enhance and clarify their business outlook.

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Amy VanHaren

CEO, Pumpspotting

Raised $0.7M from Punchbowl, Moodoos Investments


Clarity expanded my knowledge of how to be a successful CEO. The exercises with my team helped us unearth a deeper value prop and a more focused message, which has already led us to close two big deals! The workshops were a great combination of thought-provoking questions, video inspiration and exercises, and delivered a vast amount of value in every slide. I feel I’ve been given permission to build vital strategy and storytelling time into my day-to-day work. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Victor Ekelund

CEO, Albacross

Raised $3M from Luminar Ventures, Ventech


As a founder and CEO, creating clarity is key to successfully lead a team and/or stakeholders. Dave has broken down vague concepts like vision, messaging, communication and strategy into an interactive learning session based on logic and examples to give you a clear path forward. For me the vision session was the most eyeopening and could not have come at a better moment. As well as meeting and interacting with other founders around the challenges was very engaging and rewarding. I would highly recommend any startup CEO to get into the course.

Erik Bornstein CEO, Toolbx

Erik Bornstein

CEO, Toolbx

Raised $13M from Index Ventures, Overton


The Clarity program is a great framework to not only meet likeminded founders but also follow a very easy and repeatable process. The sequencing and templates were easy to follow and very meaningful, and Dave's delivery of the presentation content and group exercises was extremely effective. Highly recommended.

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Alex Omeyer

CEO, Stepsize

Raised $8.2M from Connect, Index, Stride


I loved every session of the program from the introduction of concepts, to filling out the exercises, and Dave’s insightful feedback. The atmosphere and delivery was always bright and optimistic and I could apply practical advice straightaway. I now have a complete framework to understand the most important aspects of my company which I’ll be able to apply throughout my career. 10/10 amazing stuff!

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Rob Holland

CEO, Feedback Loop

Raised $29M from Crosslink Capital, Spider Capital


Designed for CEOs by a CEO. Clarity is an effective way to focus on the why behind your business & learn from an expert while interacting with a quality peer group. Focused, concise & practical, filled with real-life examples to demonstrate key points. It was great to be pulled out of the day-to-day and spend time with such quality people working on the same problem.

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Rajeeb Dey MBE

CEO, Learnerbly

Raised $2M+ from Frontline Ventures, Playfair Capital


I just wish I’d done the program a few months earlier! Clarity gave me the headspace to develop a compelling narrative for investors and the team. A clear and structured process, personalised feedback, and the ability to connect with other entrepreneurs with similar issues. Keep up the great work, Dave!

Victor Ekelund CEO, Albacross

Cosmin Ene

CEO, Laterpay

Raised $20.1M from Angel Investors


The Clarity Program is a MBA on steroids that provides founders with a vast set of tools and mental models. The exercises hold tremendous value and the content is both educational and inspirational. Dave’s delivery is littered with real life examples and is well paced and entertaining. Super helpful!

Luke Fisher CEO, Mo

Luke Fisher


Raised £2.7M from NVM Private Equity


The Clarity program is considered, action-packed and communicated with clarity. Dave was always fun and engaged the group with enjoyable and varied stories. I’m already seeing the benefits of the exercises to maintain simplicity and clarity in my team discussions. I can foresee this being a quarterly exercise. Keep being great at what you do!

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Time commitment

Clarity is structured into six modules over six weeks, followed by final presentations. Each module consists of a 3-hour workshop with exercises with peer CEOs. In addition, Dave will run 45-minute office hours or founder circles on weeks 2–5.

You'll continue working on your texts after session. To get the most out of the experience, you should spend at least 2–4 hours per week on your texts, either individually or with your team.

Who should apply

Clarity was designed to meet the needs of CEOs and co-founders, both at the late-seed or growth stage. You should apply if:

  • You're raising money to scale from top-tier VC funds; or
  • You're aligning your team around a clear strategy, for example, post-fundraise; or
  • You're clarifying your value proposition to customers and investors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our next cohort kicks-off in January 2022.

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