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Season #2

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Hello world! This is Dave Bailey and I’m the writer of the Founder Coach blog, which is now read by millions of entrepreneurs each year. If you’ve read any of my essays, you know I’m very open about the mistakes that I made when founding and building three venture-backed tech businesses.

So I’m on a mission to share the stories of other CEOs that are also willing to be open about the harsh realities of raising venture capital, growing a team, and the mistakes that they’ve made—or are making right now.

We’ll be focusing on CEOs that have raised their Series A. Why Series A? Well, there are many thousands of entrepreneurs that want to raise a Series A, and if you’re one of them, you’ll learn what it actually takes to raise growth capital from people that just did it.

And if you’ve already raised a growth round and you’re scaling your business, you’ll hear from others facing the same problems that you’re facing—and maybe a few problems that are just around the corner. And for sure, some of these conversations are going to hit home.

If you’re into entrepreneurship, the Series A companies I’m speaking with are fascinating to learn about. After all, there are millions of ideas, but only a small number have the chance to really scale.

So join me and listen in on powerful conversations with scale-up CEOs where they talk about things they may have never talked about before.

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