What It's Like to Raise 7 Rounds in 7 Years | Jack Tang CEO of Urban (Series B)

Season #1 Episode #2

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What’s it like to raise 7 funding rounds in 7 years? We’re speaking with Jack Tang from Urban, a website that allows you to book wellness treatments at your home or work.

In this episode, Jack and I talk about investors that ‘simply don’t get it’, Jack shares the wellness rituals that help him manage extreme stress, and we discuss what it was really like to make cuts at the start of the global pandemic. We also talk about ways you can build trust in a growing team.

Key links:

Urban website: https://urban.co/en-gb/

Open job positions: https://apply.workable.com/urban/

Jack Tang profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackcktang/

Key timestamps:

[03:14] What was it like to find product-market fit?

[10:25] What's your best story about clueless investors?

[13:29] What was different about your Series B?

[17:42] What are your routines to avoid stress?

[21:24] What was it like to restructure the team?

[27:46] How do you build trust?

[37:34] What's the future for Urban?

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