What It Means to Speak VC | Paul Ford, CEO of Acin (Series A)

Season #1 Episode #3

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How many languages do founders need to learn? Meet Paul Ford, CEO of Acin, a SaaS tool that helps banks manage their operational risk.

In this episode, Paul and I discuss why raising money is like learning a new language, Paul shares how the army helped him become more resilient, and we talk about what it was like to step down as CEO of his previous company. We also explore how to find topics that resonate with end users.

Key links:

Acin website: https://acin.com/

Open job positions: https://acin.com/company/careers/

Paul Ford profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-ford-56b509/

Key timestamps:

[02:03] How did the army help you stay resilient?

[12:42] Why did you step down from your previous company?

[16:20] Why did you decide to raise a Series A now?

[20:20] What was it like to raise VC having worked in a bank?

[26:18] What are some of the things that you still struggle with as a CEO?

[37:08] Dave describes the messaging matrix

Thanks to Simon Ball and Rocket for their great input.

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