What It Means To Leave Your Comfort Zone | Jacob Waern, CEO of EduMe (Series A)

Season #1 Episode #4

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What does it mean to leave your comfort zone as a CEO? Meet Jacob Waern, CEO of EduMe (Series A), a mobile-based training tool that gives desk-less workforces the knowledge they need to succeed.

In this episode, Jacob talks about his experience reducing his team by 90%, explains how he raised while sick with suspected Coronavirus, and we discuss what it takes to build a strong leadership team.

We also look at the tension between empowering processes and empowering people.

Key links:

EduMe website: https://edume.com/

Open job positions: https://edume.com/join-us

Jacob Waern profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-waern-a13165/

Key timestamps:

[01:23] What's the story EduMe?

[03:02] What are common misconceptions about pivots?

[07:43] What was it like to fire 90% of the company?

[13:37] When did you decide to build a category?

[17:00] What was it like to raise during Covid

[22:57] How did you build a relationship with a Valley investor?

[32:24] What system can result in a strong leadership team?

[37:37] What's it like to realise the company can grow faster than its individuals?

[42:41] Vulnerability vs. over-sharing

Thanks to Andreas Schörling, Anders Nilsson and Pietro Bezza for their great input.

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