How to Encourage Constructive Dissent | Anastasia Leng, CEO of CreativeX (Series A)

Season #1 Episode #5

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How do you get your team to speak up to the CEO? Meet Anastasia Leng, CEO of CreativeX—a Series A SaaS company that helps B2C brands understand the performance of image and video content.

In this episode, Anastasia explains how she got term sheets for a company with no name, unpacks the founder-investor partnership, and explains why high-standards are a perk.

We also discuss 'Devil's Avocado' (a term borrowed from Sarah Wood), and other ways to encourage constructive dissent.

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CreativeX website:

Open job positions:

Anastasia Leng profile:

Dave's essay on wise interventions:

Key timestamps:

[01:01] What's it like to be back in the office (alone)?

[05:50] How do you collect data on being 'on-brand'?

[08:20] Tell us about your Series A raise.

[12:09] How did you go from agency to SaaS?

[23:21] What's it like to lead a team of 35 employees?

[27:01] How did you define your company's values?

[31:21] What are the challenges of having a culture of constructive dissent?

[33:13] How do you encourage people to speak up?

Thanks to Alex Dunsdon and John Griffin for their great input.

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