Why Every Founder Needs a Chief of Staff | Rebecca Kelly, CEO of VenueScanner (Series Seed)

Season #1 Episode #7

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What's it like to see revenues drop 95%? Meet Rebecca Kelly, CEO of VenueScanner—a marketplace that connects event organisers with their ideal venue.

In this episode, Rebecca shares her insights on marketplace business models, tells the story of how Covid dramatically impacted her business, and how she reinvented an events marketplace to stay relevant—even when there are no events happening.

She also explains how to think about the Chief of Staff role—a must-listen for every CEO interested in recruiting one.

Key links:

VenueScanner website: https://www.venuescanner.com/

Rebecca Kelly profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-kelly-5928054b/

Key timestamps:

[03:51] What were some assumptions about the events space that turned out to be false?

[07:18] How can you tell whether to push commissions or subscriptions?

[12:07] Why did you decide to hire a Chief of Staff?

[20:54] How did Covid affect your business?

[27:02] What does it take to build good relationships with investors?

[28:37] How have you reinvented your business model in light of the pandemic?

Thanks to Guy and Angus for their great input.

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