How Do You Encourage New Behaviours | Luke Fisher, CEO of Mo (Series A)

Season #1 Episode #8

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How do you encourage new behaviours? Meet Luke Fisher, CEO of Mo, SaaS software that allows teams and companies to share their wins and encourage new behaviours. 

In this episode, Luke Fisher explains how he 'dog-foods' his own product to celebrate wins in his team, how he adapted his fundraising approach during COVID, and how the North Star Metric framework links to OKRs.

We also talk about the often conflicting needs of end-users and the economic buyer.

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Mo website:

Luke Fisher profile:

Key timestamps:

[00:41] What was the context at WorldPay before you started the business?

[04:12] How does Mo work?

[08:15] Do you use the platform at your company?

[10:52] What did you have to do to adapt to remote pitches during COVID?

[14:06] What are the specific benchmarks that drive stress in your company?

[16:00] How do you implement the North Star Metric framework?

[18:00] How do align pricing with customer value?

[21:00] How would Mo work in small teams?

[25:00] How do you align a team when there's uncertainty?

Thanks to Jason and Merlin for their great input.

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