Why Being a Peacetime CEO Isn't Easy | Will Read, CEO of Sideways 6 (Scale-up)

Season #1 Episode #9

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How easy is it to transition from 'wartime' to 'peacetime' as a CEO? Meet Will Read, CEO of Sideways 6—a company that helps companies capture big ideas from their employees.

In this episode, Will shares his capital-efficient approach to growth, we discuss the anxiety that comes with the CEO role, and explain why it's important to celebrate wins with your team.

We also unpack the transition from 'wartime' to 'peacetime' CEO—and why it's not as easy as you may think.

Key links:

Sideways 6 website: https://www.sideways6.com/careers

Will Read's profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wread/

Key timestamps:

[02:58] How did you adapt Sideway 6 as you scaled?

[05:49] Capital efficiency: How much did you raise?

[09:12] How did you reposition the business after Covid?

[11:24] Which of the experiments didn't work and which messaging has ended up working out for you?

[13:56] How is your corporate podcast coming along?

[16:21] Peacetime vs. wartime CEO

[19:30] The anxiety of strategy

[22:54] How do you exercise self-compassion as CEO?

[26:41] Celebrating your teams wins

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