How The Role of CEO Changes You | Charles Wells, CEO of HelloSelf (Series A)

Season #2 Episode #1

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How does the role of CEO force you to change? Meet Charles Wells, CEO of HelloSelf—a company with a mission to help everyone practically work on self-improvement. 

In this episode, Charles shares his company's amazing origin story, we discuss the transition from manager to leader, and the challenge of giving up areas of the business.

We also discuss shadow cultures and how to avoid letting the external mission corrode the internal one.


Key links:

HelloSelf website:

Charles' profile:


Key timestamps:

[01:17] Did I get the problem statement correct?

[03:17] What were some  preconceptions you had about raising money ?

[09:41] What's different about HelloSelf's approach?

[16:14] How did you decide on which problem to solve?

[19:33] What's difficult about being a CEO that we don't talk enough about?

[21:56] What skills did you have to learn to transition from manager to leader?

[26:07] The danger of shadow culture

[29:56] Did you hand over problems too early, too late or about right?

[30:45] Quick-fire round (new!)

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