How to Manage Your Own Standards | Gren Paull, CEO of Lilli (Series A)

Season #2 Episode #2

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How do you set realistic standards for your team? Meet Gren Paull, CEO of Lilli—a company that helps vulnerable people live independently and safely, using smart in-home sensors.

In this episode, Gren shares how he took over as CEO, the differences between the COO and CEO role, and his approach to setting standards for the team.

We also discuss the value of a Head of People, even during the early stages.

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Lilli website:

Gren Paull profile:

Key timestamps:

[01:02] What's Lilly's backstory?

[02:06] What limitations have you seen in founders as they scale?

[03:45] How did you come to be CEO of Lilly?

[09:24] What's the difference between the COO and CEO role?

[10:50] How would you describe a high performing team?

[11:34] Do you set realistic standards for your team?

[15:26] What's the value of a Head of People?

[17:12] What are the challenges you face in developing as a CEO?

[18:35] How do you manage the pressure of the role?

[21:50] Why is scaling like driving a car?

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