What It Takes To Build a Diverse Company | Maya Pindeus, CEO of Humanising Autonomy (Seed)

Season #2 Episode #3

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What does it take to build a truly diverse company from Day One? Today's guest is Maya Pindeus, CEO of Humanising Autonomy which is a company that uses AI and computer vision to predict human behaviour.

In this episode, Maya walks us through how she built a thought leadership position as an AI startup, how she prioritised diversity from the start, and the challenges of a listening culture. She also shares an interesting approach to brainstorming at scale.


Key links:

Humanising Autonomy website: https://www.humanisingautonomy.com/

Maya Pindeus LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mayapindeus/


Key timestamps:

[01:00] How do you predict human behaviours?

[03:35] How did you come up with the idea?

[06:01] Where do you see most traction?

[07:25] How did you become a thought leader?

[10:48] How has scaling been challenging?

[11:24] What's more difficult than you expected about championing diversity?

[16:02] How do brainstorm as a company?

[17:29] How do you stay proactive?

[19:01] What are the challenges in building a listening culture?

[20:29] Quick-fire questions

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