Why and How to Grow Inorganically | Aron Gelbard, CEO of Bloom & Wild (Series D)

Season #2 Episode #4

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Why and how do you grow a company through acquisitions? Meet Aron Gelbard, CEO of Bloom & Wild—a company which sends you flowers through your letterbox. 

In this episode, Aron talks about applying AI to the flowers industry, raising from a US VC without a US presence, and the opportunities and challenges of growing through acquisitions.

Aron also shares how he came to lead the Thoughtful Marketing trend.


Key links:

Bloom & Wild website: https://www.bloomandwild.com/

Aron Gelbard profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aron-gelbard-a075a11/

Dave Bailey profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesuperman/


Key timestamps:

[36:25] How can you apply AI in the flower business?

[06:38] What led you to start acquiring companies?

[10:51] What challenges have you faced after acquiring Bloomon?

[13:42] What have you learned about hiring senior leaders?

[15:50] How did you come to lead the Thoughtful Marketing trend?

[22:17] What are the challenges you're facing now?

[24:56] How has your role developed over time?

[27:43] Quickfire questions


Thanks to Camilla Dolan from Eka Ventures for her input!

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