How to Identify High Performance | Alex Young, CEO of Virti (Series A)

Season #2 Episode #6

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How do you identify high performers in your recruiting? Meet Alex Young, CEO of Virti—a company that creates immersive training experiences using VR that replicate the stress and emotion of clinical practice and beyond.


In this episode, Alex talks us through his Series A fundraise, we discuss the surprising applications of VR and immersive training, and he shares some of his recruiting tactics.


We also discuss the challenges Alex overcame when building his online brand.


Key links:

Virti website:

Alex Young profile:

Dave Bailey profile:


Key timestamps:

[01:35] The background and the round

[03:46] Fundraising while remote

[08:41] Preparing for fundraising

[13:32] Using VR to create stressors in training

[16:22] Applications of VR training

[19:56] CEO struggles

[21:50] Approach to recruiting

[29:11] Self-development as CEO

[32:08] Growing as a thought leader

[34:33] Quickfire questions


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