Why an Inspiring Mission is Everything | Simon Mellin, CEO of The Modern Milkman (Series A)

Season #2 Episode #8

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How much plastic do you consume? 

Meet Simon Mellin, CEO of The Modern Milkman a company that delivers plastic-free milk and groceries to your door.

In this episode, Simon talks about how a milk cart became venture-backed, we discuss his journey to Series B, and the importance of hiring when building a low-ego culture.


Key links:

The Modern Milkman website: https://themodernmilkman.co.uk/

Simon Mellin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonmellin/


Key timestamps:

[00:44] How did a milk cart become a venture-backed business?

[05:31] What's going on in groceries right now?

[10:44] What's it like to be based in Lancashire?

[12:29] What's your management philosophy?

[13:54] What's happened as you've scaled?

[16:18] What's the value of an inspiring mission?

[18:20] How are you thinking about market expansion?

[20:53] Where do you find yourself spending your time?

[23:22] Quickfire questions


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