Why Jewellery Needs a New Model | Ilana Lever, CEO of Motley

Season #2 Episode #10

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Why have traditional marketplace models failed in the jewellery sector? My guest, Ilana Lever, is the CEO of Motley—a company that enables jewellery designers to bring their designs to market at scale.

In this episode, Ilana walks us through Motley’s business model, she explains what stopped her letting go of the details sooner, and we discuss challenges and learnings from fundraising four times.


Key links:

Motley website: https://www.motley-london.com/

Ilana Lever profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilana-lever-07551138/

Dave Bailey profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesuperman/


Key timestamps:

[01:01] What does Motley do?

[05:49] Where are you on your journey to product market fit?

[12:49] So you're getting married...

[15:18] What stopped you letting go of the details sooner?

[18:44] The challenge of fundraising

[21:35] How does Motley contribute to reducing global warning?

[30:12] How might investors avoid bias?

[33:34] What's your biggest fundraising hack?

[39:55] Quickfire questions


Thanks to Aron Gelbard for help researching the episode.


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