What It's Like to Be Always on Show | Raoul Fraser, CEO of Lovat Parks

Season #2 Episode #21

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As a founder you're always on show. My guest, Raoul Fraser, is the CEO of Lovat Parks—a scale-up building residential and holiday caravan parks across the UK.


In this episode, Raoul walks us through his vision for the caravan park industry, he explains the challenges of having physical locations, and we discuss the difficulty of feeling like you're always on show to your team—something every leader can relate to.


Key links:


Lovat Parks website: https://lovatparks.com/

Raoul Fraser profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raoul-fraser/

Dave Bailey profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesuperman/


[00:53] How did you end up building holiday parks?

[04:24] What is your vision for Lovat Parks?

[07:55] What challenges come with having physical locations?

[10:28] Why are customer reviews so important?

[15:14] What practices haven't scaled?

[19:01] How do you get honest feedback from the team?

[20:22] How do you approach building your network?

[23:29] How much responsibility should founders take for mistakes?

[27:41] What are the challenges to finding balance as CEO?

[32:37] How to meditate without sitting still


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