Why Communication is Critical To Scale | Ed Klinger, CEO of Flock

Season #2 Episode #22

How can scale-ups maintain good communication as they scale? My guest, Ed Leon Klinger, is the CEO of Flock—a company that uses data to provide usage-based insurance for drones, cars and vans.

In this episode, Ed explains why he likes to transcribe fundraising meetings to hunt for learnings, he shares why he's grateful that his board let him fail, and we unpack the broad challenge of communication as you scale the team. 


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Flock website: https://flockcover.com

Ed Leon Klinger profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edleonklinger/

Dave Bailey profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesuperman/



[01:18] When did you expand from drones to automotive?

[05:48] What unique approaches helped you close your Series B?

[12:15] How did you choose your Series B investor, Social Capital?

[17:30] How has pivoting the business shaped you as a leader?

[21:56] What assumptions about enterprise SaaS turned out to be false?

[29:41] What are ways to influence culture aside from communicating it?

[34:59] What books do you recommend for founders?


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