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Dave's Essay Collection

Performance Routines That Happen During Working Hours

Seven practices to help you stay energised and focused

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A Coach’s Guide to Exceptional One-on-Ones

A practical guide for managers and their direct reports.

How effective are your one-on-ones?

Most managers will say theirs are great. However, one study has shown that employees often leave one-on-ones less...

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How to Create Your Own Luck

Your business and your life might depend on it

  1. I was very lucky along...
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How to Win If You’re Not Ruthless

Empathy can lead to bad decisions, but there is an alternative.

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The Ultimate Guide to Developing People

If you want to help your team improve their performance, feedback isn’t always the best way.

Every leader wants to get the best performance from their team. In startups, the importance of learning on the job and...

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What It Takes to Be Truly Purpose Driven

A practical insight that can help you, and your team, find meaning in your daily work.

We all need a sense of purpose in our lives, but when we can’t find one, it can leave us lifeless and unmotivated. Our daily pursuit of...

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The Easy Way to Write a Thought Article

Here’s how I turn a blank page into a powerful thought leadership piece.

I never thought my writing would make such a difference.

After starting on Medium just three years ago, my essays for entrepreneurs have reached...

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How to Build a Long-term Relationship (With Your Co-Founder)

‘Peace is not the absence of conflict, it’s the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.’ — Ronald Reagan.

Conflict is the last thing most of us want, but if you’re building a new company, it...

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The 21 Most Common Founder Dilemmas

The most dangerous threats to your business are the hardest to share, and often, no one else gets the full picture until it’s too late.

When you’re a CEO, your mind never fully switches off. From the day you form your...

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How Founders Guilt Can Lead to Poor Performance

Do you ever feel guilty when you’re not working on your startup? You’re not alone . . . and if guilt is stopping you from looking after yourself, it might be worth revising your assumptions.

One afternoon, I had a...

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