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Dave's Essay Collection

How to Integrate OKRs With Agile

Why OKRs often fail in startups — and how to use them effectively before product-market fit

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) were designed in the context of scaling companies, such as Intel and Google. They’ve become...
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How to Crystalise Your Brand Beliefs

A lightweight approach to branding for startups-no expensive agency necessary.

In my first startup, I dreamt of building a powerful brand that would earn its place next to iconic companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.


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Why Outsourcing Early-Stage Tech Goes Wrong

Why do so many founders run into problems when outsourcing their MVP? Often fingers point to the developers, but the problem is probably closer to home. Here’s my tech war story—and the measures you can take to avoid...

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Core Product Principles for Early-Stage Startups

Every new tech product starts with a simple idea. But in the brutal battle of creation, things can get complicated fast. The focus shifts from the big picture to the details, new ideas keep coming, and the scope starts to inflate...

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How Conversion Rates Can Kill Innovation

Imagine that hundreds of prospects are visiting your landing page. If you could just turn them into loyal customers, you’ve got a business. My first instinct was to measure a series of conversion rates, but it didn’t...

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How to Perfectly Position your Product

The following process clarifies your product’s positioning like no other I’ve found in 10 years of marketing . . . and a clear idea of your product’s positioning makes all the difference.


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