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Dave's Essay Collection

How to Create Your Own Luck

Your business and your life might depend on it

  1. I was very lucky along...
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How to Win If You’re Not Ruthless

Empathy can lead to bad decisions, but there is an alternative.

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How to Measure Your Professional Development

A manager’s guide to measuring the more subjective parts of the role.

How do you measure your ability to delegate? Or to set clear expectations and build stronger relationships with your team?

Ambitious and thoughtful...

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The Ultimate Guide to Developing People

If you want to help your team improve their performance, feedback isn’t always the best way.

Every leader wants to get the best performance from their team. In startups, the importance of learning on the job and...

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How to Identify Your Purpose at Work

A practical insight that can help you, and your team, find meaning in your daily work.

We all need a sense of purpose in our lives, but when we can’t find one, it can leave us lifeless and unmotivated. Our daily pursuit...

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The Unspoken Expectations of Working at a Startup

Here are some expectations your team wish they knew before joining your company.

Every manager knows the anxiety that comes with the question, ‘Have I set clear enough expectations?’

But often, team members struggle...

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How to Develop Talent in Your Growth Startup

The opportunity for startups to grow their own leaders has never been greater.

When your company is scaling, it’s critical to develop your leaders. More staff means more information, more communication, and more people...

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How to Drive a Culture of Ownership

Do you wish your team took more ownership? Here’s how to get your team to the point where you trust them to get the job done without you.

As a CEO coach I’ve heard statements like these many times:

“My VP just...
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The Technical Skills that Every Founder Should Learn

Expectations on founders have never been higher—not just from investors but from talented employees, too. Here’s how to create your way into business.

Ten years ago, I raised money with a PowerPoint...

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