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How Early-Stage Investment Can Decrease Your Chances of Success

When entrepreneurs ask me how to raise the money to build their product idea, my answer is always the same: you’re asking the wrong question.

I’ve managed to raise investment from a PowerPoint presentation twice...

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How to Make Your Product Idea Sound Genius

A look back at early interviews with Facebook and Uber CEOs illustrates an ingenious way to communicate hard-to-describe products.

As a founder, I spend countless hours refining my elevator pitch and practising it every...

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Why Testing Your Competitors is an Awesome UX Hack

Here’s a little-known technique that helps you start learning from potential users without building anything at all.

A happy little accident

Before I launched my last startup, I spent a couple of weeks testing my idea...

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How to Find a Late Technical Co-founder

A year into building a startup, many non-technical founding teams regret not having a technical co-founder. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of getting a ‘late’ technical co-founder. But my response to that is:...

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