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I’m Dave. I'm a founder.

Being a founder is hard—and I should know. Previously, I co-founded and scaled three venture-backed companies, including Delivery Hero which IPO'd in 2017. Today, I coach the world’s fastest growing CEOs to help them reshape their role and achieve their ambitions. My writings are popular among founders & investors from Silicon Valley to São Paulo.

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VC fund logos including SoftBank, Accel, Index and General Atlantic
VC Fund Logos including SoftBank, Accel, Index, General Atlantic

What founders say

Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble


“Dave helps to clear the fog, squelch the fear, and correct the ship. I'm grateful for the guidance Dave has provided along my journey, often when I've needed it the most.”

Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble

Investors: Raised from Tiny

Diego Fanara, CEO of Unibuddy


“Dave has been instrumental in my ongoing evolution from a founder to a CEO, elevating my thought process to becoming a much more conscious leader.”

Diego Fanara, CEO of Unibuddy

Investors: Raised $32M from Highland Europe, Stride VC

Rebecca Kelly, CEO of VenueScanner


“Dave’s expertise has helped me think through how I communicate with my team, my investors, and other stakeholders in order to really get my message across effectively.”

Rebecca Kelly, CEO of VenueScanner

Investors: Raised $3.5M from British Business Bank, Rianta

Jonathan Lakin, CEO of IntentHQ


“Dave is the first coach I've stuck with. He's a rare breed of 'lesser spotted coach'. He has proper CEO and investor experience but doesn't try to solve it for you.”

Jonathan Lakin, CEO of IntentHQ

Investors: Raised $32M from Oxford Capital, Edge

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