CEO Coaching Program

Become the leader your team deserves, fast.


A 6-week, In-Person Coaching Program for VC-Backed CEOs

The Series A CEO Coaching Program is designed to equip venture-backed CEOs with the techniques and skills to proactively address the most common management challenges that you will face as you grow your team from 10s to 100s of people.

By the end of the program, you will know how to drive business results, develop your people, hold your leaders to account, communicate more effectively, increase your personal resilience, and much more.

The program is designed specifically for venture-backed tech CEOs that are looking to invest in, and improve themselves. The program will take place in London, U.K., and the participants will be part of a highly selected cohort of, at most, six CEOs at the same stage.

Next intake: Early 2020


What got you here won’t get you there

It’s an incredible achievement to go from zero-to-one and build a product that people want. However, building a company is another challenge altogether.

As your startup grows, so will the demands on your time. Managing your team, communicating effectively, and keeping people on the same page was simple when you all worked in the same room. But those days are over.

The truth is that scaling a team is not intuitive. Yet CEOs are left to ‘figure it out on their own.’

While every startup is different, the majority of management issues that CEOs face in building their business are exactly the same. And new systems that address these issues follow similar principles that are teachable.

This is why I created the Series A CEO Coaching Program.

The goal is to accelerate your journey of going from early-stage founder to CEO, by addressing the most common management issues that CEOs face as they grow their team proactively.

Meet your coach

Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey is one of the world’s leading CEO coaches, working exclusively with high-growth tech CEOs across Europe and the US. He’s been there and done it himself, co-founding several VC-backed ventures, including Delivery Hero (IPO in 2017) and Ezlearn (acquired in 2013). He’s also invested in dozens of startups both as a VC and angel investor, and mentored hundreds of founders over the last 10 years.

Dave works with CEOs backed by world-class investors.

What the Coaching Experience Looks Like

Your time is precious so the program is designed to fit in your schedule with minimal disruption.


1. High-quality peers

Be part of a small and highly selected cohort of CEOs running businesses that have either raised at least £1M+ of venture capital, or have revenues of £1M+.


2. Quality content

Each week, we’ll go through a critical element of your management system, with insightful content coming out of thousands of in-depth sessions with high-growth CEOs.


3. Coaching

Spend time on the issues keeping you up at night with Dave, and arrive at clarity over the proactive and bold steps you can take to lead change in your startup.


4. Accountability

Things move faster when someone is watching. Hold yourself and others to account for implementing changes now that will impact your company for years to come.



The Coaching Program delivers Practical Knowledge, not ‘Leadership Fluff’

The Series A CEO Coaching Program is designed to proactively equip you with practical skills and increased self-awareness that help you mitigate some of the most common issues facing all growing companies.

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Understand your role as CEO
  • Communicate clearly with your team
  • Build and motivate an effective leadership team
  • Empower your team make their own decisions
  • Take control of your schedule
  • Give and receive honest feedback
  • Foster gratitude among the team
  • Set expectations and manage performance
  • Drive urgency in your team
  • Increase productivity
  • Balance long-term and short-term priorities
  • Manage stress and overwhelm

Who should apply

This program isn’t for every founder. We select applicants based on the stage of the startup, experience, and program fit. You should apply if you have:

  • The title of CEO—this program is razor-focused on the specific challenges associated with the CEO role.
  • Raised over £1M in funding—or have annual revenues of over £1M, so you’re all in a similar situation.
  • A strong appetite to learn and improve—what you put into the program will determine what you get out of it.


The program is not for you if you are…

  • A non-CEO co-founder or team member—at this early stage, we are razor-focused on the CEO role.
  • Pre-Product/Market Fit—we will focus on the challenges of scale which depends on some level of product/market fit.
  • Outside Tech—unfortunately, we can’t accept agencies or e-commerce businesses at this stage.
  • Less than 6 months of runway—if you’re in the middle of, or about to fundraise, this isn’t the best use of your time.

Time Commitment

The Series A CEO Coaching Program is a 6-week, part-time program that combined in-session time and self-guided exercises. You do not need to take time off from your startup to complete the program.

To get the most out of the program, you should expect to spend 6–8 hours per week either in-session or working through reflections and challenges.

There is significant value in forming strong relationships with the other CEOs that participate, so proactive socialising is encouraged.

Program Outline


Weeks 1 & 2


Every strength is also a weakness—and every weakness is a strength. Uncover your blind spots and play to your strengths.

  • NVC fundamentals
  • Understanding emotional triggers
  • Setting boundaries
Weeks 1 & 2

Time Management

If you don’t manage your time, it will manage you. Take back control of your calendar and make time for what’s most important.

  • Calendar management
  • Meeting structure
  • Proactive blocking
Weeks 3 & 4

Holding the Vision

Your role is about to change. Clarify what’s expected from a Series A CEO and learn to set a clear direction for your company.

  • Understanding the role of CEO
  • The key elements of a vision
  • Developing leadership mantras
Weeks 3 & 4

Effective Delegation

Every tech business is a people business. Learn how to delegate well, empower your team and drive results through people.

  • Holding people accountable
  • Coaching high performers
  • Setting expectations
Weeks 5 & 6

Feedback Loops

There is a conspiracy of silence around you. Foster positive feedback in your company from Day One.

  • NVC feedback
  • Retrospectives
  • One-on-ones
Weeks 5 & 6


The long-term relationships you nurture now will pay off years later. Lay the groundwork for continued success.

  • Nurturing key relationships
  • Team building
  • Cultivating networks

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Companies win or lose based on the quality of its leadership. Being proactive about the issues that every scale-up faces will save you months of resolving issues later on.

It’s important that you attend every session in person in London over the six week period. If you’re coming from outside London, you must guarantee that you’ll show up every week, on time.

This is specifically designed for CEOs of high-growth tech startups, rather than a generic leadership program.

The first cohort will comprise of six CEOs only. It’s limited in order to give the necessary care to each participant.

At this stage, we’re focused on the CEO. The plan is to open this up down the line to other roles.

This Coaching Program is a business expense, paid for by the company. We believe investing in building capabilities in the CEO has a massive payoff over the long-term.

Pre-register for the next cohort

To apply to take part in the next CEO Coaching Program, please, fill in your details below.


Pre-register for the next cohort

To apply to take part in the next CEO Coaching Program, please, fill in your details below.