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Dave's Essay Collection

The Secrets to Unlocking Great Marketing

Seven powerful concepts to help you attract new customers, grow your business and build your brand. 

When I started out as an entrepreneur, marketing was an after-thought. I hung on to the idea that ‘good products...

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How to Integrate OKRs With Agile

Why OKRs often fail in startups — and how to use them effectively before product-market fit

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) were designed in the context of scaling companies, such as Intel and Google. They’ve become...
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How to Make Your Product Less Complicated

One reason engineers tend to overcomplicate, and how to please your customers at a fraction of the cost.

You’ve hired a development team, built a product to address a consumer need, and found your first few customers....

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How to Crystalise Your Brand Beliefs

A lightweight approach to branding for startups-no expensive agency necessary.

In my first startup, I dreamt of building a powerful brand that would earn its place next to iconic companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.


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Why Big-Bang Rebuilds Always Fail

Startups often feel the need to discard the tech they’re working on and starting over. Here are some of the reasons why this happens . . . and how you can avoid a ‘big bang rebuild’.


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Why Online Marketplaces Exist in Some Markets and Not in Others

My failed events app taught me that lead-generation businesses need more than just great execution to succeed.

Three years ago, when marketplaces were on trend, I founded a company called Spotnight to help customers...

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