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How to Win If You’re Not Ruthless

Empathy can lead to bad decisions, but there is an alternative.

The dangers of empathy

The case for rational compassion

Ruthlessness means you’re willing to act without compassion to achieve your ends. However, Bloom observes that you can be both rational and compassionate at the same time. In other words, you can make decisions based on good reason and show compassion to those who are negatively affected.

When you’re talking to someone and you’re desperately lonely, they don’t have to feel lonely [to help you] . . . but they do have to understand you.” Paul Bloom.
Mary Beth was an amazing assistant for over 10 years, but as company complexity grew, the role required several specialists vs one generalist. MB was given 52 weeks of salary and stock in appreciation for her great contribution and left to join a small firm, once again as a generalist.”

Musk’s response is a good example of rational compassion — not ruthless cold-heartedness.

Two questions to help you make tough decisions

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